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Two years later…

Is anyone still reading this thing? Apparently kids take up a lot of time. Who knew?? But now that the boys are almost 2 1/2, I’m starting to see what people mean when they told me “oh twins get easier…. eventually.” They are finally playing independently (some of the time), they entertain each other (or sometimes bite, hit or generally torment each other) and the best part is they are finally old enough that we can start getting back to our old adventures. Oh sure, we did some adventures with them when they were younger.

July 2013: we went for our first hike


August 2013: we went to Montana


September 2013: we went to our first baseball game as a family

20130929_134545 20130929_134536

October 2013: our first Halloween (the boys were Mario and Luigi of Mario Bros. fame)


November 2013: Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania! (apparently the dog crate was the highlight of the trip as this was the only picture I could find)


December 2013: the boys turned one!!

Marcellina Tylee

Marcellina Tylee

February 2014: Sledding!


March 2014: enjoyed some lovely spring days at the beach


April 2014: the boys’ obsession with ball sports begins



May 2014: road trip to Portland


June 2014: another road trip, to Coeur d’Alene this time

Marcellina Tylee

Marcellina Tylee

Marcellina Tylee

Marcellina Tylee

July 2014: Jersey Shore with the Silberfeins


August 2014: visiting the cousins in Nebraska


September 2014: ferry trip to Whidbey Island


October 2014: Halloween #2, this time as Batman and Robin

October (2)

December 2014: Christmas with Grandma S.


January 2015: meeting firemen (and the boys turned 2!)

Photo Jan 13, 12 46 32 PM

February 2015: Football!!!


March 2015: their first friends’ birthday party


April 2015: our first trip to the Space Needle

20150418_120027 20150418_113133

Which brings us to May 2015… and what I hope will be the start of even more adventures. So far we’ve ridden a train near Mt. Rainier, attended another baseball game (and have taught the boys to cheer “Let’s go Red Sox!”) and have plans to spend Memorial Day at the beach with some friends. Next weekend we’re attempting our first overnight camping trip. And while I make no promises, I’m hoping to do a little more documenting of things. Because even if there is no one left out there in cyberspace reading my ramblings, I don’t want to forget these times with the boys. Ok, I wouldn’t mind forgetting the epic tantrums because I cut their toast wrong/put their milk in the blue cup not the red one/am mommy and not daddy/tried to make them put on pants before leaving the house/wouldn’t let them sleep with their toy truck/tried to make them take off the dragon costume before getting into their car seat. But the rest… that I want to remember.

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It only took 5 months…

…but we’re back! Here  is what has been going on for the last 5 months (in no particular order):


Celebrating Auntie Kate’s birthday sombrero-style


First time in the high chair


First week home


Hanging out at the dog park with Mom


Caleb’s not so sure about the new stroller


Pants are over-rated


Hard at work in the jumperoo


A couple of cuties (Benjamin is the smiley one)


Caleb is smiling in this one


Working out with the rings


Tummy time is more fun with a friend


His first happy hour


Our first family portrait (with the boys engrossed in NCAA basketball)




Our first vacation in San Diego




Woman, get away from me with that camera.


Sleeping with Dad on the plane


Benjamin smiling with/laughing at his dad


I miss this look, Caleb just doesn’t do this anymore


Out for a walk


Modeling their new onesies


Babies are fun. You can make them wear silly hats.


Snuggling brothers


Wylie is waiting to snatch the pacifier


Taking the boys home


Twin butts


Telling secrets


Celebrating Christmas


Unlike his brother, Benjamin *loves* the new stroller


Another day at the dog park (or the same day, different kid?)


Week one…


Week 20. They’ve grown a bit, don’t you think?

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A Whole New Life

Well, two new lives actually. On December 17, 2012 our sons, Benjamin David and Caleb James entered the world. It has been an intense, amazing almost 48 hours as we have figured each other out. They clearly have distinct personalities already and both make the most entertaining faces.

Full story of their arrival and a ridiculous number of pictures to follow. We are completely smitten.


Caleb, too tired to eat


Benjamin and a big yawn


Hanging out, showing off their weight difference (Benjamin = A, Caleb = B)

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“Modified” Bed Rest

The key term here is “modified.” I spend no time in bed, and only as much time on the couch as needed to watch 2 or 3 movies a day. I am not doing anything productive, as far as cooking, shopping, laundry. But I have finished our Christmas shopping! Online shopping is a lifesaver. I also have some Christmas knitting I’m finishing up, and a number of baby related crafts. I made them some cute little hats, and am working on a quilt. My plan was to make two quilts, but I’m a little behind. We’re also working on getting the nursery together. It’s a small room, so poses some challenges. Babies will share a crib for as long as possible, so we can have a chair in the nursery for those late night feedings. Once we have two cribs in there, that’s all there will be room for.

There isn’t much new news. My OB visits have become very boring. I’m doing well, babies are doing well. Baby A is stubbornly butt first, so we have a C-section scheduled for 12/17. Just over two weeks until we have outside babies! Crazy.

So what do I plan on doing for the next two weeks? I need to finish getting ready for Christmas. I think this will be easier to do before the babies get here. I will finish my knitting projects (almost done!). I am trying to convince Adam we need a Christmas tree, and get our decorations out. I know it’s a busy time, but I love Christmas and can’t imagine going a year without breaking out the decorations. And we will need a tree for photo ops! I also want to make Christmas cookies. We had friends in town a few weeks ago, and made a few batches to freeze, but I have more I want to make. It just isn’t Christmas without oatmeal coconut crisps or molasses sugar cookies. I also want to make some freezer meals so we have food once those kiddos come home. Adam has been making double batches of dinners the last few weeks, so we have some. But I have aspirations of making more. I have a feeling we won’t be eating much in those first few weeks if cooking is required. And of course, we need to finish getting things ready around the house for the new arrivals. I know we will never be completely ready, and things will change as we find our footing. But I do want to finish making the shades for the nursery. The closet needs some more organizing, we have more laundry to finish for the kiddos (I suspect this is just the first of many many loads of baby laundry), I need to clean out a drawer in the pantry so we have a place for bottles, etc. We ordered some art work for the room (we are going with a vegetable theme based on some very cute fabric we found at Ikea) so will need to figure out where to hang this once it gets here. And we have a million books, so need to get a bookshelf so we have a place to put those.

I promise there will be pictures, but right now it still looks like a storage unit, so those will have to wait. For now, I leave you with my compilation of (almost) weekly belly shots. Only two more weeks to go!


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Home again, home again.

After 48+ hours in L&D, we were released yesterday around noon. The entire hospital stay was very uneventful, and we still don’t know what happened, but best guess is a small placental abruption (do not google that–it sounds much much scarier than what actually happened to me). The concern is that it could happen again, which is why I am now home on “modified bed rest.” This means I can be up and about, but no prolonged standing, no heavy lifting, I can drive to my OB appointments, but really not much else. I was specifically banned from going to Costco (how did they know that was what I was going to do today?). And my maternity leave has officially started.

So I am home for the next 4 months. I have no idea what to do with myself. I have a few things to finish up with work. I had plans to stock the freezer with food, which I will still plan. I will just delegate the preparation. I have a lot of organization to do in the guest room and office, which I think I can do while seated on the floor, so that shouldn’t be a violation of doctor’s orders. My Christmas shopping will be done early, as long as I can do it all online. And I can work on some of my crafty projects that I’ve been putting off.

Hopefully we have a few more weeks before the babies show up. Although this isn’t how I planned on spending my first weeks of maternity leave, it’s not so bad. And it really is nice being home, even if we don’t have cable. :)

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Adventures in labor and delivery

Last night we had our first visit to L&D. I had a bit of bleeding so they wanted me to come in for monitoring. Babies look great, no contractions but no good explanation for the bleeding so they wanted to watch me overnight. They also decided to give me some steroids which will help the babies’ lungs develop sooner in case they ultimately come early. I don’t think anyone is expecting them to show up this weekend, but better safe than sorry.

I’m stuck here for 24 hours, since I won’t get steroid dose #2 until 11pm. It’s really pretty boring here. At least they have cable and wireless! I’m still waiting to hear if this means I’m done with work a week earlier than planned but clearly no one is terribly worried about me since I haven’t seen a doctor in over 12 hours.

I am hoping this little episode doesn’t buy me bedrest.  I have so much to do before these kiddos make their appearance. But this does make it all a little more real. Guess it is time to buy some diapers!!

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Catching up

Over a month since our last post. I’m not a very good blogger.

At the end of September, after Adam returned from a work trip to San Diego, we drove down to Portland for a fabulous Oktoberfest party. I made 6 authentic Austrian apple strudels, which were devoured in a matter of minutes–I think next year we need more! I even managed to stay up until 9 pm to enjoy the festivities. It was great fun. The drive, no so much. Apparently all of my internal organs are now residing in my chest cavity, which puts a lot of pressure on my ribs if I’m sitting upright. So Adam drove, and I rode the 3 hours home in a reclined position. Not bad… but I do not see anymore road trips in our future.

Apple strudel, recipe courtesy of Illona

We managed to keep pretty busy in October. I had my baby shower, hosted by my sister. It was lovely and perfect and involved no games what-so-ever. We had a delicious brunch, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, it was wonderful to spend time with friends, and everyone was so generous. These babies are very loved, will be very clean and have a fabulous European wardrobe thanks to Mom and Illona!

A lovely Seattle fall day

Every baby needs their own library

The next weekend operation “acquire baby stuff” continued. Seattle has a “twins club” for families with multiples, and hosts a big used gear sale twice a year. I managed to score the swing I wanted for about 1/3 the price, some bottles, a couple cute newborn outfits and added to my collection of cloth diapers (which I still haven’t decided if I’m going to use). I also got some nursing pillows. Then I drove about an hour south to meet up with an internet friend, who has twins who just turned one and have out grown all their baby stuff. I bought their infant car seats, snap-n-go stroller, rock n plays, car seat adapters for the fabulous amazing stroller Dad and Marcy got for us (I am in love with this stroller… it deserves a post all its own!), car seat swings which she says are lifesavers for getting the kiddos to sleep in restaurants so we can still leave the house once they are born, and their Christmas outfits. I picked up a used bouncy seat the next week, and our cribs arrived (a gift from Adam’s mom). Now we just need to get things put together and organized and figure out what we still need (bottles? blankets? bedding?).

Really, we’ve just spent most of the last month trying to get as organized as possible in anticipation of the babies’ arrival. I’ve started doing my grocery shopping online, which saves me about 2 hours a week. We are hiring a cleaning lady (yay!). The nursery is painted a fabulous orange, thanks to Adam. And I’m trying to throw things away. I actually gave away my yarn stash, and have another closet of crafty supplies to clean out. I’m only working two more weeks, in the hopes that these guys stay put until at least 36 weeks, so I have a few weeks at home to finish up some of these tasks. We shall see.

Crib assembly in the very orange nursery

Once we get the nursery presentable, I’ll post some pictures. For now, I leave you with my 32 week Halloween bump.

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Summer continues

Every June in Seattle we wonder where is summer? We seem to forget that summer never starts until mid-July. It may be a late start, but my favorite thing about summer in Seattle is that it often continues September, and if we are lucky, early October. This has been a particularly dry summer. I think we have had two days of measurable rain since July. It’s been really lovely. It almost makes up for the rest of the year. 

So we have taken advantage of these continued summer weekends by trying our best to get out of the house. A few weeks ago we took a day trip out to Whidbey Island, just about an hour from Seattle and yet somehow I’ve never been there. We started the day with a quick ferry ride to Clinton, on Whidbey Island. Our first stop was Langley, a lovely little town with cute shops and a nice beach where Wylie enjoyed a run in the tideflats. 

Downtown Langley

Wylie and me enjoying our coffee

The beach behind the Inn at Langley

Wylie is ready to go!

Adam and Wylie playing on the driftwood

Wylie enjoying the beach

After some running on the beach in Langley, we drove out to the other side of the island to Useless Bay, so named because it is so shallow that you can’t really bring a boat in there. They have a very nice beach, half of which is an off-leash park. Wylie was thrilled. It reminded him of his San Diego days. And it was a gorgeous day to be out on the beach.

Adam and Wylie on the beach

More beach

Wylie loves the beach

Playing catch

Next stop was Coupeville, the second oldest town in Washington state. There we had a declious lunch at a little hidden restaurant with a deck overlooking Penn Cove, home of the famous Penn Cove mussel. We walked a bit on the pier, checked out the sea stars, and then continued our journey towards Deception Pass.

Looking across Penn Cove at our lunch spot

The pier at Coupeville

Sea stars (aka starfish)

We stopped at one of the state parks on the island, so Adam could try his hand at fishing, but we had trouble accessing the lake. So we continued on our way north up the island. We stopped at a roadside fruit stand for some U-pick raspberries. Then took a short hike to the beach at Deception Pass State park. This area is known for having some impressive tides, which make it look like a river much of the time and can serve as a quite a challenge to boaters.

Deception Pass

The obligatory arms’ length self-portrait

Our final stop was a boat tour of Deception Pass. Coincidentally, the day before our planned trip to the island there was a Groupon for a boat tour, so we bought it and were able to get in on the last tour of the day. It was a little challening getting the Groupon pulled up on my phone. On that part of the island you are pretty close to Victoria, BC so my phone kept thinking I was in Canada. We got to take a boat under the bridge, with a close up look of the crazy tides, saw some dolphins, and enjoyed a beautiful hour on the water before sunset and heading home.

Mt. Baker

Deception Pass looking west towards Vancouver Island

The other side of Deception Pass

It looks like a river, but it’s really just the tide.


Paul Allen’s island. It’s for sale if you are in the market for an island.

King Kong Point. Do you see the gorilla face?

Other activities? Adam is in San Diego this week, so I’m outsourcing Wylie’s exercise. I just can’t keep up with his these days. Today he is going for a 10 mile run with my sister. I’m also cleaning out closets. I think this is what they call nesting. For those interested in baby updates, things continue to go well. I’m 26 weeks, babies are weighing in at almost 2 lbs and just over 2.5 lbs.

Baby A and Baby B in their relative positions

Self portrait of twins at 26 weeks

I’ve also finished a couple of baby gifts. I think I’m all caught up on gifts for others, so can finally start work on the quilts for these kiddos.

Crocheted baby blanket. I need to remember that granny squares are a PITA to sew together.

Next weekend we are off to Portland for an Oktoberfest celebration. Following weekend is my baby shower. Time just keeps flying by… we are going to have babies before we know it!






















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Bringing you up to speed

So besides growing humans for the last 5 months and all that goes along with that (twins need two cribs! two high chairs! a place to sleep! stuff to wear! a really fancy stroller–ok *they* don’t need that, but *I* do), here is how we spent our summer.
In May we made a quick weekend trip to Montana to celebrate my brother’s graduation from graduate school. He is now teaching English at a community college in Nebraska. I’m going to miss visiting them in Montana, but hopefully we will make it out to Nebraska one of these days (it’s not as far as you might think–just a few hours from Denver). I always love getting to hang out with Barrett and Amelia. They get more entertaining every time we see them.
Also in May, my grandfather passed away. It wasn’t unexpected, and he had family with him when he passed. We all flew down for a week in San Diego to help Dad and Marcy with getting things together. It was great to have the whole family together, even under the circumstances.
In June I went to Philadelphia for the American Diabetes Association annual meeting. I always think I’m going to have time to explore the cities where these conferences are and play tourist, but we end up spending 8+ hours a day in talks and by the end of the day just want to head back to the hotel and watch bad television. I did get to check out the Reading Terminal Market, which was across the street from the convention center, and got my Philly cheesesteak fix. I also walked around a bit the last day of the conference and got a few pictures. I wanted to tour the Masonic Temple, but I missed the appointed tour time. I guess that will have to wait until next time. It was a fun trip though. It was a good conference, I felt like I actually learned something. Our hotelwas on the Penn campus, which was beautiful. I could never live on the east coast though. The heat and humidity would kill me. I like our nice mild Seattle summers.
After I got back from Philly, Adam headed to Canada for a boys’ weekend fishing for salmon and halibut. The weather was not great, as you can tell from the very damp pictures, but the fish was delicious. We had fresh crab the night they came back and have been working our way through the 20+ lbs of salmon in our freezer. He plans to make this an annual event, which I fully support. I love having a freezer stocked with fish! And now cow too (not that Adam has been hunting cattle). We split a beef share with some friends, and later this year will be getting some pork as well. If you have a chest freezer and eat meat, I highly recommend looking into a local ranch to buy your beef from. It really is delicious, and works out to about $5/lb, which is pricey for ground beef but a bargain for filet!
July was a month of vacations. The first two weeks were spent at a cabin on Flathead Lake in Montana. It was the same place we stayed two years ago. Adam was able to work remotely, and since I was taking a month off before starting my new job we were able to stay for two full weeks. It was fabulous. Nothing but sitting on the dock, reading and getting a great tan. We had various friends come out for parts of the trip, and did some exploring including our favorite brewery, and a new found distillery.
Adam tried his hand at mountain biking and survived. We got more quality Bear and Mia time. And one night we even had a bat in the house. I do not like bats. Luckily we had guests that night who were more skilled in bat removal than Adam and I were. Otherwise we might never have gotten that guy out of the house. We hope to keep making this trip on an annual basis, but think we might skip the 4th of July weekend next time. Poor Wylie was a mess with the week of fireworks, plus the occasional thunderstorms.
View from the dock
Montana sunset
More views from the dock
Adam mountain biking
It’s a rough life for a dog
Visiting the buffalo on our drive home
After a brief 5 days home, we headed back east to the Jersey Shore for the annual Silberfein family vacation. It was great to see everyone. The beach was lovely although I couldn’t handle the heat/humidity so spent a few days enjoying the air conditioned house. We had dinner in Atlantic City, ice cream in Brigantine, and enjoyed quality time with the family. We also scored a double jogging stroller from Adam’s sister, which we were able to check on the flight home for free. Apparently they don’t care whether or not you have a baby, they still won’t charge you to check baby gear! Win for us!
Things slowed down in August. Adam went on a 3-day hike to the Enchantments, a beautiful region of Alpine lakes that require a permit that can be hard to get. Unfortunately my stamina has reached a point where walking up any sort of incline wipes me out, so high altitude hiking (and sleeping on the ground) was out of the questions. The pictures were gorgeous though, so hopefully we can enter the permit lottery sometime once the kiddos are ready for some back country camping and I can get up there.
Lake Colchuck
Mountain goats!
Adam at Aasgard Pass
We also celebrated our 4th anniversary with our traditional farm dinner at the Dog Mountain Farm. The meal consisted entirely of things I’m not supposed to eat (pate, dressing made with raw duck eggs, unpasteurized goat cheese, cured meats) but I ate it anyway. I figured if I could see the goats who provided the milk it was safe, right? I did skip the wine (other than a few sips), but we did buy a bottle so I can try it once I’m able to drink again. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect way to celebrate. I’m pushing for the Herbfarm for next year’s celebration. It’ll be our 5th year… we should do something special, right?
So that brings us up to date. We had an weekend adventure to Whidbey Island last week, and we actually took the camera so I have lots of pictures! That post will follow.
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Hello? Anyone there?

Oh my how I have neglected you my dear readers. It has been a few months, so a quick update and preview of posts I promise are soon to come!

April, May and June were pretty uneventful months for the most part. I went to Philly for a conference at the beginning of June and finished up my fellowship at the end of the month. Adam went fishing in Canada and stocked our freezer with salmon and halibut.

July was a month of vacation: two weeks at a cabin on Flathead Lake and one week at the Jersey Shore. More on these adventures to come…

August I started my new job, which I’m now almost a month in and still loving. Adam spent a weekend hiking in the Enchantments (he has pictures which I will post). We cleaned out the basement–exciting!!

But the biggest event of the last 5 months is that I have been very busy growing humans. Yes, we are having babies. Twins! Technically the due date is 12/29, which puts me at 21 weeks. But since most twins come between 35 – 37 weeks and they won’t let me go past 38 weeks, we should have our babies by Christmas.

So many things to fill you in on. And I promise to be a better blogger. In the meantime, our 20 week ultrasound pictures to tide you over:

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